• November 1, 2017
    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Deconditioning is a complex process of physiological change following a period of inactivity that results in functional losses including mental status, continence and ability to accomplish activities of daily living. Although it is frequently associated with hospitalization there are strategies to combat deconditioning that are appropriate to the growing population of elderly home care patients.  With proper care, we can stave off the decline in muscle mass and strength linked to falls, functional decline, increased frailty and immobility with environmental modifications and an appropriate exercise therapy program.

The webinar will delve into the operational definitions for Frailty and Deconditioning as well as examine the scope and prevalence of the problem in today’s patient populations compared to similar patients ten or 20 years ago.  Although these limitations are exacerbated with physiological consequences of low activity levels and extended bed rest, gains can be achieved and maintained by developing an evidenced-based practice for re-conditioning.




  • Describe clinical aspects of frailty
  • Discuss risk related to frailty such as hospitalization or nursing home placement
  • Examine effects of reduced activity on elderly subjects, such as sarcopenia
  • Accurately perform at least four validated field tests to assess functional aspects related to frailty or deconditioning.
  • Introduce new techniques and modification for frail and deconditioned patients
  • Analyze the latest in physio science research
  • Discuss cases to illustrate new direction of care



Presenter:  Ernest Roy, PT, CPT, is the Home Care Therapy Team Leader for Pemi-Baker Community Health, in Plymouth, NH. He is a certified Chronic Care Management Trainer and holds certification as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Ernie has extensive experience in a variety of roles, including Acute Care, Outpatient, Home Health and Industrial Rehabilitation. He has been in practice as a Physical Therapists for 29 years.

Registration FeeMember rate is $169.00 – Non-members $269.00.  The live webinar includes the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters, however there is no additional fee for the recording.

Continuing Education:  The presenters and program planners have no conflict of interest regarding this webinar.  To apply for contact hours, please mail an evaluation form and a completed sign-in sheet, listing the individuals at your facility that participated and noting those requesting contact hours.  No commercial support has been provided for this program.

This program has been submitted to the New Hampshire Physical Therapy Association for CEU credit for approval. Information provided in this program should be used within the scope of practice.


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