ExpiredImplicit Bias in the Healthcare Industry: How It’s Making Us Sick(er)

  • July 16, 2020
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Free Lunchtime Leadership Seminar


Implicit bias is the concept that we develop unconscious patterns from our experiences that help shape our views in ways that we may not even be aware of but can nonetheless impact our attitudes and actions. These biases inevitably have real-world implications which can result in cultural stereotypes, unidentified narratives, systemic practices, and policies behaviors that often lead to inequitable treatment of others.

Current research shows that implicit bias can be tempered through specific exercises designed to help us recognize and correct generalizations that lead to unconscious judgment. Understanding how we process information is the first step to managing it. This program will help us to identify bias, learn how it affects our organizational decision-making, and encourage learners to use that knowledge to reduce the negative effects of bias. The idea is that if we can mitigate our underlying biases, we’ll decrease discriminatory behaviors at work and level the playing field for underrepresented members of the workforce.


Cindy-Ann Thomas, one of the nation’s leading diversity and inclusion consultants and employment attorneys, will facilitate this conversation. Our conversation will focus primarily on the impact of implicit biases in the workplace and the critical role our organizations play in shaping our path forward as a country. This webinar will be a living room-style program designed for all, so we encourage you and your entire team to attend.


  • Angelo Spinola, Shareholder, Co-Chair, Home Health and Home Care Industry Group
  • Cindy-Ann L. Thomas, Principal, Co-Chair, EEO & Diversity Practice Group

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