ExpiredOutcomes, OASIS and Your Agency Star Ratings

  • April 12, 2017
    11:30 am - 1:30 pm


OASIS is the core of what we do in homecare – determining reimbursement, driving the plan of care, and giving you overall patient outcomes. This webinar will focus on the outcomes reported in CASPER reports & HH Compare, and how you can impact your scores, leading to an increase in your 5-star rating.  The OASIS is the key to increasing your outcomes and 5-star rating, so we will relate each outcome to the M items and discuss the intent and how the assessment needs to be done. This webinar will show you how to involve your staff to impact your star ratings.


Don’t be left behind! Learn how the OASIS impacts the Star Ratings, how to analyze the CASPER outcome data, which M items are impacted and the intent given to accurately score.  This webinar will give you a simplistic approach to increasing your outcomes and Star Ratings!

  • Review the CASPER Reports so that participants can understand the outcomes being measured and how to analyze reports
  • Understand relation to 5-Star Ratings and Home Health Compare
  • Determine selection of most important outcome measures
    • ­­What to do with the selected outcomes
    • Statistically significant outcomes
    • Clinical, multidisciplinary, each discipline specific
    • Develop an indicator to incorporate in GAPI to identify if it’s a deficit or a care issue
  • Learn how to develop indicators and monitor ongoing improvement of selected outcomes
    • Task force of stakeholders to brainstorm areas to improve care to increase outcomes
    • OASIS education on specific M items if identified OASIS knowledge deficit
  • Educate task force on clinical record reviews to read assessments associated with M items to improve, coordination of care, md notification etc.


Who should attend: Homecare Administrator, Managers, QA staff, Field staff doing OASIS, Managers of Clinical Services.



Sharon Litwin, RN, BSHS, MHA, HCS-D, is a founder and senior managing partner with 5 Star Consultants, a national consulting, education and coding firm since 2003 specializing in homecare and hospice services.  She has been in the homecare and hospice industry for over 25 years and was a former ACHC and CHAP surveyor performing Medicare deemed surveys for 10 years.  In her consulting firm, she assists homecare and hospice agencies in providing quality, meeting regulations, ICD-10 Coding, and much more. Sharon regularly speaks at national and state associations and other organizations on many relevant topics.


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