ExpiredTalking About Death is Talking about Life: Keys to Improving Communication with Patients and Families

  • June 8, 2016
    11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Join Dianne Gray, CEO of Hospice & Healthcare Communications & President of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation, for an informative, inspirational webinar.

In this 90 minute webinar, you’ll see how communications issues can derail clinical outcomes from the first patient/family interaction and then learn how to right the course for ongoing collaborative family partnerships, which will only enhance the overall patient/family/clinician experience.

Our presenter will discuss how the latest research supports the need for advanced care planning and where physicians themselves are often in the middle of this difficult issue. So how can we help ourselves and our families simultaneously? Through the use of free, often under-utilized content.


  • Define differences between patient wishes and how advance care planning & communication can assist in meeting patient requests
  • Describe research studies which reflect importance of compassionate communication, hope, the role of fear in communication and clinician/family interaction
  • Describe contemporary advocacy movements/projects that enhance clinician/family communication
  • Describe how to discuss and share with families contemporary media projects that enhance/build bridges of communication for clinicians/families

Faculty: Dianne Gray is CEO of Hospice and Healthcare Communications, an international firm that focuses on creating and furthering advocacy, education, and mass media initiatives involving all aspects of palliative care. She’s a ten year professional in the hospice/palliative care field, an internationally recognized speaker and an award winning writer/journalist, film producer, and creator of global programming. Dianne’s work is rooted in research on patient/clinician communication, grief, psychology and spiritual care, as well as the rights of the patient to receive proper pain management.

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