ExpiredViolence in Home Health Care: Protecting Your Workforce

  • January 18, 2018
    11:30 am - 1:00 pm

January 18, 2018

Webinar Recording Available


Workplace violence is a growing concern for the home health care industry and its workers. Although precise rates of violent events specific to the home health care industry are unavailable, it has been well established that health care workers in general, and specifically those in the nursing profession, experience high rates of violence compared to most other industries.

Home healthcare workers often face an unsafe and unpredictable environment as they visit a client’s neighborhood and home.  Since more violent incidents occur in health care settings than any other profession, your administrative staff are also vulnerable.

At the conclusion of this webinar the learners will have knowledge of the extent of the problem and what measures the home health agency or hospice can take to help protect their workforce from violence.

Robert LilesPresenter:  Robert Liles, managing member of Liles Parker, PLLC whose practice is focused on compliance and regulatory matters. The firm handles Medicare overpayment cases of all types (most of which involve extrapolated damages), internal audits/investigations, and other health law projects. Since entering private practice, Robert has continued to build on his knowledge and experience in regulatory matters. He has represented individuals and entities around the country in a wide variety of regulatory, audit and compliance projects.  He has also represented health care providers in connection with government regulatory investigations and audits by UPIC, ZPICs, SMERCs, RACs and reviews by SIUs working for private payor plans.


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