Community Liaison

Posting Date February 14, 2019
Job Title Community Liaison
Hours FT
Overview PBCH’s Hospice, Palliative and Supportive Care program is continuing to grow and develop. To support this expansion in numbers and strengthen the organizational capacity to support families in all stages of life, the Community Liaison will be responsible for two critical service delivery components: reinvigorating and managing the Hospice Volunteer Program and developing a new PBCH program focus entitled Care Transition Improvement Initiative (CTII). This initiative focuses on removing barriers to referrals, expanding the community education capacity, and providing tools that empower families and assist them in navigating the often-fragmented care system they are involved in.
Qualifications Must be comfortable in established medical delivery locations (hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, etc.) and have recent experience in environments that require ongoing documentation for billing, regulatory compliance, ongoing communication, and/or progress tracking. Previous experience preferred.
Agency / Location Pemi-Baker Community Health
101 Boulder Point Drive
Suite #3
Plymouth, NH 03264
Contact Information Amy Dennis
Pemi-Baker Community Health
101 Boulder Pt. Drive
Suite 3
Plymouth, NH 03264
Phone: 603-536-2232
Fax: 603-536-2189
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